What is Halal Gelatin – The Complete Guide

Gelatin is a versatile gel-like substance typically sold as powders that should be mixed with water to form the gel. It has no identifiable flavor and is translucent as it lacks color. With its consistency and many benefits, it is used for a diverse number of applications ranging from foods to cosmetics and even pharmaceuticals.


What is Halal Gelatin?

Halal gelatin does not contain any pork products as part of the ingredient. As a result, even Muslims can comfortably use Halal products as part of their diet.

Halal Gelatin Powder
Halal Gelatin Powder

How Halal Gelatin abides by ISLAMIC LAWs

One of the food items that is considered bad and therefore consuming would be going against these laws is a pig. Any food that contains pig in it is restricted under this law. Regular gelatin is a boiled blend of various animals including swine. Halal gelatin does not contain any traces of pigs in it. The animals whose parts will be harvested should be slaughtered following the relevant laws


Benefits of Halal Gelatin

There are a multitude of benefits derived from consuming this supplement. These benefits include;

  • Halal gelatin contains traces of amino acids. Amino acids have numerous benefits to the human body.
  • It is a source of protein
  • Studies conducted have shown that halal gelatin helps to amp up brain activity
  • The supplement is highly beneficial to the body because it contains collagen. Collagen is a vital component of bones and cartilage. This makes it good for people suffering from bone-related illnesses such as arthritis and joint pains. It is also good for your skin making it smooth and firm.
  • It also has anti-aging properties.

Regular Gelatin vs Halal Gelatin

Regular gelatin comprises a blend of different animals pigs included. The skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments are boiled together to extract collagen.

On the other hand, gelatin is considered halal when it abides by Muslim dietary laws and regulations.

The ingredients used exclude any forbidden animals. It, therefore, does not contain any traces of pig. There are also vegetarian options as vegetables are not forbidden.

Vegetarian gelatins can be an easy fix as they are halal and you do not have to go through any confirmation to ascertain if it is halal, unlike animal-based gelatin.


What is Halal Gelatin made of

Halal gelatin can be obtained from suitable animal parts. The animals that can be used include bovine cows, buffalo, goats, and sheep. Fish parts can be also used.

Body parts harvested from these animals include skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Vegetation halal gelatin incorporates ingredients such as Cornstarch, carrageenan, and agar agar.


Halal Gelatin Production Process

Halal Gelatin Production Process
Halal Gelatin Production Process



The production process of halal gelatin is pretty simple. For animal-based halal gelatin is to ensure that only acceptable parts are used.

This is done by ensuring all the animal parts to be included are from animals that are allowed such as cows and goats. It is also important to ensure that the animals are slaughtered according to the Tasmiyah way. The parts required are the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Beef Tendon
Beef Tendon

The next step is to ensure that all the parts required are in the best condition to prevent any contaminated pieces from being included.

After this, thoroughly wash the parts and then soak the pieces in hot water. The hot water is used to reduce the percentage of fat in the ingredients. Next, roast the parts at one hundred degrees for about half an hour.


After which the parts are allowed to cool and then taken to the next step which involves treatment. Treatment is done by giving the raw materials an acid wash and an alkaline wash.

You can use acids with a pH under 1.5 like a solution with four percent of hydrochloric acid and allow the parts to sit for up to five days. During this time all bacteria and some minerals are removed.

This also initiates the collagen-releasing process. After the acid bath, the next is the alkaline wash which can be done using substances with a pH above 7 such as sodium carbonate.

Then boil all the raw materials in distilled water. The resulting liquid is then sieved and allowed to cool. This liquid is then heated again to evaporate the fluid leaving behind solid particles.

After which the pieces can then be ground up to form a powder which is then packaged. Several machines can be used to carry out this process depending on your level of production.


How to Know if Gelatin is a Halal Complaint

In most cases, companies that mass produce halal gelatin indicate their compliance through certified stickers on their products.

This information with a bit of research can also be found on their online page. In terms of ingredients any gelatin that does not contain pig and the animals are slaughtered correctly. Vegetarian and fish gelatin are great alternatives if you are unsure and they are also halal.


Where to use Halal Gelatin

Gelatin is a colorless and tasteless substance. It is filled with many beneficial properties including proteins and amino acids found in collagen.

Its lack of flavor among other defining features as well as its thick and sticky consistency allows it to be used for a variety of applications. These applications include;

  • Food such as desserts and confections
  • It is also in pharmaceutical products such as making capsules
  • Cosmetic products including lotions, shower gels, and hair gels
  • It can also be consumed daily by adding it to water and drinking





Is Bovine Gelatin Halal?

Yes, this is because the ingredients conform to the Islamic laws.


Is Kosher Gelatin Halal?

Kosher is a categorization of acceptability in the Jewish custom similar to what halal stands for about Muslims.

The ingredients used are similar as both categories forbid the use of pigs. However, even if the ingredients are acceptable it requires that the preparation be conducted by a Muslim in the specified way for it to be considered halal.


What is Halal Gelatin in Islam?

This is gelatin that can be consumed as it conforms to all the relevant Islamic laws. It does not include any frowned-upon ingredients like pigs.



As you can see, halal gelatin has many benefits. However, one of the fundamental requirements is the gelatin compliance with the Islamic laws and regulations.

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