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Vegan Collagen

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Vegan collagen is an animal-free collagen. They are produced from bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms that are genetically modified. Producing them doesn’t harm and involves animals. Therefore, they are called vegan.

Moreover, vegan collagen is also referred to as a builder or booster. They are referred to by those names since they can give your body the ingredients required for collagen production. Ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, minerals, and more are included.

At Yasin, we offer all kinds of vegan collagen products such as powders, peptides, plant-based, and more. These collagen products are manufactured in a controlled lab environment. Therefore, we guarantee you that our collagen products are safe.

Why Choose Yasin

OEM Services. We offer OEM services to meet your exact business needs. Our vegan collagen products can be customized as per your specific requirements.

Fast Delivery. Our vegan or animal-free collagen products have been supplied to over 20 countries. We ensure you can get safe, defect-free, and high-quality collagen products in a timely manner.

Approved Certifications. Yasin manufactures these collagen products according to the UL, USP, and other international standards.

Vegan Collagen

Variety of Benefits

Low Cost for Consumers

In a lab setting, collagen production using yeast or bacteria is massively available and affordable. Because of that, they have a lower price..

Reduced Allergy Risk

Vegan or plant-based collagen is helpful, particularly for people with allergies.

For instance, there is some worry about the possibility of disease transmission through collagen made from animals. In contrast, vegan collagen is manufactured in a controlled lab environment. This environment has eliminated harmful substances and common allergens.

Contains Vitamin C

Collagen products that are vegan contain a lot of vitamin C. Science has proven that, especially in sectors such as skin fibroblasts. It is said that collagen synthesis depends on vitamin C.

Beauty Benefits

Vegan collagen products can:

  • lessen wrinkles or signs of aging
  • support digestive health and joint health
  • encourage bodies to naturally develop more collagen

Various Medical Applications

Collagen that is vegan has a wide range of potential medical advantages and uses. They are used for dietary supplements, tablets, gummies, etc. Aside from that, they can be used for various medical procedures such as:

  • stimulating the growth of skin and tissue
  • promote the healing of wounds
  • dermatology for sutures
  • some tumor treatments
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