The History of Empty Capsule: From Past to Present

The Early Beginnings of Capsule: The History of Empty Capsule

Do you ever think about how we swallow medicine in that little capsule? It’s quite an interesting story that began a long time ago. Picture a time when taking medicine meant eating bitter herbs or drinking weird mixtures. It wasn’t very nice, and people wanted something better. This has led to the creation of an empty capsule.


Thanks to Capsule Manufacturers

Back in the early 1800s, there were some clever folks named François Achille Barnabe Mothes, a pupil of Joseph Gérard Auguste Dublanc. They plunged a leather bag containing mercury into a unique jelly mixture known as gelatin in an attempt to create something truly amazing.

Once the jelly dried, they took out the mercury, and voila! They had a capsule, like a little medicine house, ready to help. The conventional methods are employed in the form of capsule filling.

Let’s travel back in time to the history of empty capsules. You know, they became famous because they made taking medicine easy, and they even hid the yucky taste of bitter medicine. Nowadays, Capsule are like the cool kids in the medicine world. They come in all sorts of stuff, sizes, and colors to help everybody. Hence they become popular.

Thanks to capsule manufacturers, we now have these oval capsules that modernized medicine consumption, making it easy and palatable.



Revolutionary Empty Capsule Manufacturer

Hubel invented a machine for emptying capsules in 1833.

This was a really big deal in the medical world! It helped make lots of capsules all at once. In the past, people had to make them one by one, which took a long time and cost a lot of money. It played a role as a game-changer. But this invention changed everything, making capsules faster and cheaper.

Hubel’s machine was pretty smart. It dipped iron wire molds into a special jelly-like mix called a gelatin solution. Then, the molds were pushed together to create the two-piece capsule we still use today. So, he found a cool way to make Capsule! Before that, it was painstakingly manufactured.

Fun fact: Hubel was also the one who instituted the 00 method of capsule numbering, which designates the largest size, and 5 the smallest.


Advancements in Capsule Manufacturing

Today, capsules are everywhere! They come in various shapes and are made from different materials, each serving a design for a distinctive purpose. Where to get empty capsules? Many companies produce plenty of empty capsules because people like them.


What are Capsule Made of?

Capsules are like tiny helpers in medicine. They’re made from gelatin, collagen, or even plants. Their primary function is to carry medicine and keep us to take recommended treatment.


How are Empty Capsules Made?

Empty Capsule are made like this:

  • Selection of Material: They can be created from gelatin or vegetarian stuff like hypromellose.
  • Mixing: First, they mix the gelatin or veggie stuff with water and other things.
  • Shaping: Then, they heat it and shape it into two halves of a capsule.
  • Assembly: Finally, they put these halves together to make the whole capsule!



Types of Empty Capsules

Here are the types of empty capsules, and there is always a question in mind of how to find the empty capsule supplier. So, I have collected some answers to help you all.


  1. Gelatin Capsule

Ø People fill these Capsules by placing powder or small substances inside them.

Ø You can find them from a special empty capsule supplier who makes them for medicine.


  1. HPMC Capsule:

Ø People fill HPMC Capsule in the same way as gelatin ones, using medicine stuff.

Ø Some suppliers make these capsules, and they’re good for people who want vegetarian options.


  1. Soft Capsule:

Ø People fill soft capsules with liquid medicine.

Ø You can find them at places where they sell medicine outlets, like the drugstore.


  1. Liquid Capsule:

Ø They are like soft capsules but filled with special liquid medications.

Ø You can get them from pharmacies or ask your doctor for them.

These various types of empty capsules come in different sizes and materials, catering to the needs of different medicines and preferences.


How Are Empty Gelatin Capsules Made?

Empty, hard gelatin capsules are made from a thing called gelatin, which comes from animal protein. When dry gelatin is clear, crunchy stuff when it’s not wet. It doesn’t taste like anything special. These capsules have some water inside, about 12 to 16%. However, the water level can change depending on where you put them. So, capsules might be wetter or drier depending on storing conditions.


Where Can I Find an HPMC Capsule Supplier?

You can find HPMC capsule suppliers by searching through online directories, trade shows, and industry associations. Alibaba, ThomasNet, and Global Sources are some useful directories for searching for HPMC capsule suppliers.

Apart from this, the HPMC vegan capsule supply is widely available in places like health food stores and online encyclopedias for those who prefer not to use animal foodstuffs while treating medical conditions. For vegans, these capsules might be an adequate supplement.



What Is the History of Capsule Tablet Medicine?

Capsule tablets have been around for a rich history, even as far back as 1500 BC. People used to have medicine in liquid form, but the ancient Egyptians and Greece began making pills from bread dough, honey, or grease.

In ancient Greece, they had a cool name for these special medicines: ‘katapotia.’ And there was a smart Roman scholar named Pliny who called them ‘pilula.’ Sometimes, pills were a bit tricky to swallow, so people wanted to make them better. They put slippery stuff on them and even made them all shiny with gold and silver. Just imagine having a shiny pill!

Fast forward to the 19th century, and things get even more interesting. Pills were coated with sugar, making them taste better, and used gelatin to cover them too. That’s the era when they invented the gelatin Capsule.

In 1843, a person named William Brockedon created a machine that could squeeze powder into a capsule tablet without the need for glue. To take these capsules HPMC capsule supplier helps to get them.

So, capsule tablets have a super cool history, and people have been making them better and easier to take for a very long time.




Where Can I Find HPMC Vegan Capsules Supply?

You can search for HPMC vegan capsules supply on the internet or check with your local health food store to see if they carry these plant-based alternatives.


What Is the History of Capsule?

In the 19th century, capsules came to the rescue to make medicine easier to take and taste better. A French pharmacist named Joseph Dublanc did something amazing. He got a patent for the very first gelatin capsule in 1834. It was akin to a magic pill for medicine!


How much do Empty Capsule Weigh?

The weight of an empty Capsule varies depending on the size and material of the capsule. Generally, empty gelatin capsules weigh between 60 and 200mg, while empty vegetarian capsules weigh between 95 and 280mg.


Where can I get an Empty Capsule?

There are myriad sources from where you can buy empty capsules at most health food stores, online retailers, and pharmacies.


Finally, the progress of empty capsules is an interesting part of technological history. Small containers have gone a long way from the initial efforts in making medication use more convenient and pleasurable available at drugstores. Despite various design improvements to meet a larger range of individual demands, they continue to play an important role in the medical area.

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