• Soya Collagen
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  • Soya Collagen
  • Soya Collagen 1
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Soya Collagen

Soya collagen is a plant-based protein peptide from soybean, including 90% protein, easy to absorb the human body, rich in 8 amino acids needed by the human body. Additionally, they provide numerous advantages to every part of the purpose. That includes the following details.

  • Anti-aging
  • Improves synthesis of collagen
  • Strengthen bones, nails, and hair
  • Regulates cholesterol level
  • Enhance digestion
  • Keeps the eyes healthy
  • Relieve menopausal discomfort
  • Lessen wrinkles

YASIN - Your Professional Soya Collagen Manufacturer

YASIN expertly produces soya collagen with complete essential amino acids. Our manufacturing equipment and expertise assure you of practical and hygienic collagen ingredients. We always follow strict quality standards in numerous processes, from extraction and filtration to packaging. 

Whether you need them for food, cosmetic, or other purposes, we provide soya collagen according to your formulation needs. Let us know your applications or details, and we’ll do the rest of the processes.

Contact us today!

Soya Collagen Properties

YASIN produces soya collagen with enhanced qualities formulated for effectiveness. Consider the following.

  • High source of protein
  • Promote calcium absorption
  • Ideal for vegetarians
  • With antioxidant
  • Low on calorie
  • No added sugar
  • Preservative free
Soya Collagen Properties

Other Ingredients for Soya Collagen Mixture

Although soya collagen is preferable, its benefits improve when combined with other ingredients. Here are a few other ingredients that can use, along with their effects.

Digestive Enzyme

  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption 
  • Relieve bloating


  • Probiotic 
  • Enhance intestinal health 


  • Rich of calcium and minerals 
  • Strengthen bones


  • Prevents and nourishes eyes from common diseases 


  • Improve eyesight
  • Support brain function
  • Enhance the health of the eyes


  • Stimulates circulation of blood
  • High vitamin C
  • Reduce stress
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