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Soluble Collagen

The soluble collagen are natural proteins extracted from collagen-containing like bovine and fish. Then Large collagen fibers are processed to break down into smaller peptides that make them soluble in water. Soluble collagen is widely used in health care supplements, medical supplies and cosmetics. They come with the follow advantages:

  • It helps for skin health, Moisturize and increase elasticity
  • Cell adherence development
  • Improves microcirculation that helps heal the wounds
  • Promote joint health and reduce joint pain
  • Enhance bone health and reduce the risk of fracture
  • Improve the digestive system and maintain a healthy level of intestinal details

YASIN - Your Soluble Collagen Provider

YASIN skillfully manufactures soluble collagens with extensive and non-hydrolyzed features. We made them according to numerous standards, including food, cosmetic, and medical grades. Our team guarantees they’re 100% pure soluble collagen without added harmful elements. And that makes it possible by performing various quality tests.

Additionally, our company provides a range of soluble collagens, depending on your formulation requirements. You can choose from our extensive options the suitable measurements, including their solubility level, particle sizes, strength, and even their effects on the body or skin.

Feel free to contact us today for further information!

YASIN Manufacturing Procedure

Along with our professional team and advanced technology equipment, YASIN performs the following techniques to achieve your desired soluble collagen for your business products,

  • Pre-treatment
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Separation
  • Decolorization and deodorization
  • Sterilization
  • Separation
  • Membrane filtration Remove salt
  • Concentrate
  • Sterilization
  • Spray drying
YASIN Manufacturing Procedure

Classification and Advantages of raw materials

  1. Fish collagen

Fish protein is an active small molecule protein peptide produced by enzymolysis of deep-sea cod skin. Using deep-sea cod skin as raw material, the skin is pollution-free and has no heavy metal residue.

  1. Bovine collagen

Bovine collagen is a small molecule active polypeptide obtained from fresh cow skin with no residual heavy metals by means of biodirected enzyme digestion, cleaning, enzymolysis, coarse filtration, decolorization, and flavor removal, fine filtration, concentration, sterilization, and spray drying.

  1. Chicken collagen

Bovine collagen is made from fresh drumsticks or breast cartilage without any additives. Chicken collagen peptide is rich in type II collagen, which has particular benefits for joint, skin, and bone health.

  1. Plant peptides

Plant peptides are derived from high-quality protein isolates of soybean, pea, corn, bitter melon, etc., and are enzymolized into small molecular peptides composed of 2~10 amino acids by enzymatic digestion technology. Molecular mass below 800 daltons. The protein content is around 85%, the amino acid composition is identical to that of plant protein, and the necessary amino acids are well-balanced and abundant.

Quality Certifications Involve

Soluble collagens’ quality is ensured by presenting certificates to guarantee effectiveness and safety. Below are some.

  • FDA Approval
  • License
  • ISO9001
  • SGS

Specific Cosmetic Product Applications

The soluble collagens are typical ingredients applicable for numerous products for cosmetics. Among them are the following.

  • Cream
  • Mascara
  • Foundation
  • SPF
  • Lotions
  • Serums
  • Mask 
  • Hair conditioning 
  • Lip balms
  • More
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