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Rice Protein

YASIN produces rice protein which is one of the most important sources of our energy. It can help to gain more weight, boost the immune system, healthy heart, build muscles, and more. These are extracted by alkaline and different composition of prolamin and glutelin that use to reduce cholesterol, plasma, and more.

  • 100% Made from plant base rice
  • Consist of vitamins, fiber, amino acids, etc.
  • Provide an extensive range of anti-oxidants
  • FDA approved  

YASIN – Your Trusted Rice Protein Provider in China

Our rice protein as its name says they are made from ground rice grains making it a protein powder. These are naturally gluten-free and pure. These are to mix into any type of beverage, coffee, water, juice, and others. The main goal of these proteins is for those vegans, vegetarians, and others that follow a strict diet.

Yasin rest assured that during a processing method, we get an excellent amount of protein that is enough for everyone. This is also full of carbohydrates which are also needed for our body to give us strength for our everyday work. 

At Yasin, we can provide a non-stop solution of rice protein that is perfect to start your business or enhance your business. With the help of our technical team, you can message us anytime. We are ready to answer your inquiries, request, or orders.

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Health Benefits of Using Rice Protein

There are a lot of benefits when using rice protein every day. Below are some of them:

  • Improves liver functions
  • Better taste
  • Aids weight lose
  • Faster absorption
  • Can balance blood sugar
  • Rich in healthy fats
  • Can avoid allergies, sensitivities, and more.  
Rice Protein

Different Types of Rice That Contain Protein

All kinds of rice can be processed and made into a protein powder. There are many types of rice that

contain protein and some of these are the following below:

White Rice.  White rice is full of minerals and vitamins but lacks fiber because it can be left during the milling process. The average protein that is found in this rice served cooked rice is equivalent to 4.3 grams and a calorie of 205.

Brown Rice. It is considered a whole grain but it is not common for us compared with white rice. One serving of this cooked rice consists of 218 calories and 4.5g of protein. It is also high in fiber, minerals, and vitamin B such as magnesium, copper, zinc, etc.

Parboiled Rice. These are made from soaking rice grains that steam under pressure. It has a golden color and takes time before it is cooked.  Among the other rice, it contains calories of 194 and  4.6g of protein.

Wild Rice. wild rice is not essentially the same as regular rice. It is a seed of semi-aquatic grass that contains more than 6.5 grams of protein which is much high compared to others and has calories 166 for every cup.

Health Certifications

Our rice protein passed different health certifications including:

  • Organic
  • Raw
  • EU and USDA Certified
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free and more.


We manufactured rice powder that is easy to mix in other types of foods such as:

  • Beverages
  • Pancakes  
  • Oatmeal cereal soups
  • Pudding
  • Shakes
  • Smoothies
  • Bake goods and others.  
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