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Pure Collagen

Pure collagen is our company’s ultimate best-selling collagen, suitable for both men and women. It is entirely derived and formulated from 100% natural collagen ingredients without containing additives, preservatives, fillers, or other artificial ingredients.

Whether you are seeking high-class and safe-to-consume collagen, then this pure collagen formula from YASIN is the most effective collagen you will ever try!

The Type of Yasin Pure Collagen

  • Pure Bovine Collagen
  • Pure Fish Collagen
  • Pure Chicken Collagen
  • Pure Plant Collagen

Expert Pure Collagen Manufacturer in China – YASIN

Today, YASIN in China is known for manufacturing the most efficient, innovative, and highest-quality pure collagen across businesses and industries. Our pure collagen is certified by HALAL, ISO, HACCP, etc.

Technological advances allow us to generate continuous product innovations and improvements, so our collagen has excellent taste and fast dissolving. We take advantage of utilizing our advanced formulas for us to deliver the highest-quality pure collagen that initially corresponds to the fundamental requirements and demands of our customers.

At YASIN, we are also committed to satisfying your needs appropriately and at the right time. Our friendly staff is 24/7 active to give you advice and respond to any of your questions. So give us your message and call today!

The Benefits of Pure Collagen from YASIN

  • Increases the body’s collagen levels to counteract the signs of aging
  • Pure collagen types I and III are essential for bone, nail, hair, and skin repair.
  • Nails, hair, skin, tendons, bones, cartilage, and joints all benefit from structural support.
  • It may assist to enhance intestinal health, mood, and metabolism.
  • The flavorless mixture dissolves rapidly in any liquid.
  • Dairy, gluten, and soy free
  • GMO Free
The Benefits of Pure Collagen from YASIN
What Function Does Collagen Pure Give?

According to some research, ingesting collagen powder on a daily basis will help make your bones denser. Reducing the aging process that causes them to brittle and assisting your body in producing new bone. Skin elasticity and hydration. 

Pure collagen supplements have been demonstrated to increase skin moisture and elasticity in older persons.

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