Powdered Fish Gelatin

Powdered Fish Gelatin

Your Leading Fish Gelatin Powder Manufacturer – Yasin

Fish gelatin powder is made from fish skin or scales. Compared to pig or cow gelatin powder, powdered fish gelatin is safer and more natural. This gelatin powder is an ingredient with natural protein. It doesn’t contain serum proteins or IgG.

Yasin is a reliable manufacturer of safe and quality powdered fish gelatin. Our food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade powdered fish gelatin products have been exported to more than 20 countries around the world. We manufacture them using advanced equipment, testing centers, and production lines. Therefore, you can be confident in the quality of our products.

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Our Advantages

Certified Quality

We manufacture fish gelatin powder products that have been certified by SGS, ISO, FDA, etc. You can rest assured they have excellent quality and safety.

Quality Control

Yasin implements strict quality control during the whole manufacturing process of powdered fish gelatin. We have passed ISO9001:2015 certification which means our quality management system is excellent.

Customized Services

To suit your specific business needs, we can customize the powdered fish gelatin according to your requirements.

Powdered Fish Gelatin
How is the Fish Gelatin Powder Produced?

Below are the basic processes of producing fish gelatin in powdered form.

  • Cold water is used to clean or wash the fish’s skin.
  • Then, the fish skin will be sliced into tiny pieces.
  • The small pieces will be added to the basic alkali solution.
  • After that, the pieces will be thoroughly washed in warm water. That process will get rid of any remaining alkali or acid residue.
  • Then, an alkali or aqueous mineral acid will be added to dilute it.
  • Citric acid will be added now to the fish skin.
  • Rewash the fish in cold water once more. And that will neutralize the citric acid.
  • After that, to obtain the degraded collagen, the fish skin will be extracted through warm water.
  • Then, all contaminants will be eliminated by filtering them using resin beds.
  • After that, to get rid of undesirable elements, they will be evaporated. It also enters the infiltration of polish.
  • Then, sterilization follows.
  • The fish skin will be chilled and then dried. After that, it will be chopped to produce gelatin powder.

Wide Range of Application

Fish gelatin powder has a lot of applications. They can be used as:

  • binding agents
  • blocking agents
  • thickening agents
  • stabilizing property
  • capsule covers

The Flow Chart for fish gelatin producing

flow chart

Available of powdered fish gelatin

  • Jelly Strength from 200bloom-250bloom
  • Mesh size from 8-40mesh

Application of powdered fish gelatin

  • Food Industry: Confectionery, bakery products,daily products
  • Supplement products: soft capsules
  • Pharmaceutical products: hard capsules
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