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Pork gelatin, commonly extracted from pork skin which is widely used as a gelling agent in food products, drinks, medical products, soft capsules, cosmestics etc.

Yasin is a leading pork gelatin manufacturer with over 3 decades of experience. These gelatin products are available in pharmaceutical- and food-grade. They can have a clarity of about 96%. Also, they are available in various bloom strength ranging from 150bloom up to 300bloom. Their particle size also ranges from 8 mesh up to 40 mesh.

Our pork gelatin is manufactured in our advanced production plan,clean workshop and tested in fully equipped laboratories. They are also produced according the USP or other international standards. Therefore, you can rest assured they are safe and high-quality.

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Our Advantages

Customization Services

Yasin supports customization of pork gelatin products to suit your specific needs.

From pre-sale, to on-sale and after-sale, we offer one-stop service to resolve your specific concerns. We provide the greatest support to ensure your satisfaction.

Fast Delivery

At Yasin, you can receive defect-free and high-quality pork gelatin in a timely manner. We have many years of experience in exporting them to more than 20 countries.

Pork Gelatin
Certifications and Standards

Certifications and Standards

We offer pork gelatin that meets the international and industry standards such as:

  • ISO
  • GMP
  • Non-GMO
  • BSE-Free

Variety of Applications

Gelatin made from pork has a lot of applications. They are widely used in industries such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Edibles
  • Healthcare

Additionally, they are commonly used for producing:

  • Gummies
  • Meat Products
  • Health Care Products
  • Tablets
  • Nutrition Bars
  • Beverages

This gelatin also have a lot of functions such as:


While a product is being manufactured, the gelatin can stabilize the ingredients. The ingredients will stabilize as they begin to bind. It can stabilize since it can create actual cross-links.


To make a product look appetizing and attractive, pork gelatin is added since it can give the products more texture. Aside from that, it can make the products fluffier and lighter.

It will also not affect the taste of any capsule or food product. That’s why many food businesses use this gelatin.


Due to the ability of gelatin to cross-link, it is the ideal thickening agent. When the gelatin is added to a sweet dish, yogurt, and other products, the product will evidently thicken.

Fat Replacement

Adding fat to a product has numerous drawbacks. It can shorten a product’s storage life, raises the calories, and affects the taste. That is why many companies replace fat with pork gelatin. This gelatin offers a lot more advantages than fat.

Binding Agents

Pork gelatin also serves as binding agents since it generates a bond. When it is added to a food product, the product will not break. As a result, they are commonly added to baked goods.

Gel Capsules

Amino acids are essential in order for the Gel capsules to function properly. The gelatin made from pork has amino acids. Therefore, they are added.

Production Process

Pork gelatin is manufactured from light glue liquid. And that will undergo through these processes:

  • Filtration
  • Evaporation & Concentration
  • Gel forming
  • Drying
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