• Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

Gelatin is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its versatility. These gelatin is highly digestible. Therefore, it is perfect to be used as a medicine shell protective coating. As a professional manufacturer, Yasin offers safe to use gelatin that conforms to the highest industry standards.

  • Powder or granule texture
  • 160 to 250bloomavailable
  • ≥500nm transparency
  • Offers maintained stability
  • Making the capsules easy to swallow
  • Odorless

Professional Pharmaceutical-Grade Gelatin Manufacturer in China – Yasin

As a reliable manufacturer, Yasin offers gelatin that is used for pharmaceutical applications while meeting biocompatibility requirements. It also passed the batch consistency, endotoxin level control, and biodegradability standards.

We supply gelatin to medium-large pharmaceutical companies including tablet and capsule producers. Whether you need pharmaceutical-grade gelatin for your production, we got you covered.

Our commitment to quality, technical expertise, and customer service makes us an ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies seeking a reliable supplier of high-quality gelatin for your products.

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Safety and Quality – Strict Quality Control Gelatin Production

Our gelatin is manufactured using the highest production standard to ensure safety. We guarantee that each gelatin conforms to strictest hygienic standards to meet pharmaceutical requirements.

The raw materials we used for the production come with complete traceability. With our commitment to quality, you can assure that our pharmaceutical-grade gelatin is tested and passed pharmacopoeias.

All gelatin that passed strict quality control will surely meet your requirements.

Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

Different Pharmaceutical Gelatin Grade

BloomViscosity (Mpa.s)Mesh SizeTransparencyWavelengthTransmittanceTotal Bacteria









Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Applications

Hard Capsules. We manufacture gelatin that is widely used for hollow capsule body. It is the most commonly used material for the production of two-piece hard and soft gelatin capsules. Gelatin capsules are ideal for encapsulating both liquid and solid drugs, as they offer a protective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors that could cause degradation.

Tablets. Gelatin is also used as a binder in the production of tablets. The use of gelatin as a binder ensures that the tablet maintains its shape and integrity, even after prolonged storage and handling.

Nutritional supplements. Gelatin is used in the production of nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, due to its ability to form a soft gel that is easy to swallow.

Certifications from Different Industry Standards

  • Halal Certificate
  • ISO9001
  • GMP

Different Functions of Gelatin for Pharmaceutical Industry

Coating agent. We manufacture gelatin that is also commonly used as a coating agent for tablets and capsules. The gelatin coating helps to protect the active ingredients from degradation, moisture, and other environmental factors. It can also provide a smooth, glossy finish that makes the tablet or capsule easier to swallow.

Encapsulating agent. Our gelatin is an ideal encapsulating agent for soft gel capsules. The gelatin capsule shell provides a barrier between the active ingredient and the external environment, protecting the ingredient from moisture and other factors that could cause degradation.

Why Choose Yasin as Your Food-Grade Gelatin Supplier

  • Offering technical support
  • CustomizedViscosity (2.5-5.0mpa.s)
  • Sufficient Capacity
  • Fast Delivery (within 15days)
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