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Pea Protein

The pea protein is made from “Pisum Sativu”.  This protein is highly needed in our body to fight any health problems and more. It can offer you excellent features such as:

  • Contain high vitamins and minerals
  • Sustainable
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • FDA Approved

YASIN – Your Leading Pea Protein

We produce pia protein that consists of amino acids that are very essential for our diets. These are low in fats but more in nutrients and carbohydrates. It becomes an everyday diet supplement and is perfect to be a substitute for food supplements. Most of our pea protein contains up to 70 to 80% of protein which makes them become popular among the others.

Yasin manufactured an extensive range of pea proteins that offer legit health benefits to our bodies. We make sure that this is safe for those who have dietary restrictions. With the help of our QC team, you can rest assured that you will get quality pea protein for your daily or business needs.

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Extensive Range of Pea Proteins

There are many kinds of pea protein that you can found on the market today. Include for this are the following

  • Pea Protein Concentrates. This contains less protein compared to others but if contains a lot of carbs and fats. It is preferably used for those who want to gain more weight.
  • Isolate Pea Protein. It is a powder type of protein that only contains amino acids and nothing more. These are perfect for you if you wanted to build muscles and lose weight.
  • Textured Pea Protein. It is not perfect for dietary supplements due it is less processed. But its make sense to be an alternative for vegetarians.
Pea Protein

Benefits of Using Pea Proteins

  • Consist of Irons. Our pea protein are provides wide range of nutrients such as iron.
  • Vegan-Friendly. If you’re the kind of person that is vegetarian this is perfect for you. It is really fit for your diet.
  • Easily High in Iron. We make sure that our pea protein is easy to digest and absorbed by our body compare to high fats meats.
  • Creamier Textures. If you shake pea protein this is much creamier rather than other whey protein.
  • These are lactose-free and gluten which makes them perfect for those who have allergies.

Production Process

There are different processes in making pea protein including:

  • As an Isolate. It is the process of wet concentrations
  • Textured Form. This is the process where the pea protein are manufactured using advance technology. It is substitute for other food supplements.
  • In making pea protein, we also do dry fractionations.

Pea Proteins Vs. Whey Protein

TYPESPlant BaseAnimal base
SOURCEMade from peasMade from milk
FLAVOREarthy and rawBlack and milky
PROCESSINGMade from mechanical separationsMade from chemical separations
TEXTURESmooth and creamy texturesMilk like liquid and thin
CONTAIN LACTOSE?Lactose-freeContain lactose
CONTAIN GLUTEN?Gluten-freeContain gluten
USESCan be mix into foods and drinksCan be mix into foods and drinks
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