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Liquid Collagen

A supplement called liquid collagen is used for supporting the natural collagen production of the body. This product is composed of collagen proteins, silica, or biotin. The proteins have been hydrolyzed. They are also divided into small building blocks. Purified water is also used as their main liquid component.

Yasin offers all kinds of liquid collagen products at competitive prices. Whether unflavored or flavored, they are available at Yasin. These collagen products are also available in various formulations, flavors, and other options to suit any need.

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Why Choose Yasin

Full Certifications

We are honored to obtained ISO, HALAL, HACCP, and other certifications

Rich Experience

Yasin has been manufacturing safe and high-quality liquid collagen for over 3 decades. We have been exporting them to more than 20 countries.

OEM Service

To match your exact needs, we can also customize the liquid collagen based on your specifications.

Why Choose Yasin

Wide Range of Benefits

Collagen products in liquid form have a lot of benefits such as:

Improves skin health

Since the skin is composed of 75% collagen, collagen products can improve the skin:

  • hydration
  • texture
  • density
  • elasticity
  • hydration
  • firmness

They can also reduce wrinkles, skin darkening, or pigmentation. Additionally,

Improves nail health

Collagen can improve your nail health according to a study. When collagen is taken, a person with brittle nails will have a decreased nail breakage of about 42%. The collagen can also:

  • improve the nail’s appearance and brittleness
  • increases nail growth by about 12%.

Reduces joint pain

According to a study by Nutrition Research, taking collagen will reduce joint pains by about 43%. They can also improve your joint mobility by about 39%.

Increases bone strength

Collagen may contain calcium which can strengthen your bones.

Helps in losing weight

Collagen in liquid form contains a lot of protein. And that can help you feel fuller for a while. Due to that, it could help you eat less.

Increases muscle strength & mass

Taking collagen will support the muscle’s structural stability in order for the muscles to remain strong.

Various Collagen Sources

Liquid collagen products have different collagen sources. They can be sourced from different animals and parts.

At Yasin, we offer liquid collagen products that can be made from the animals’:

  • fish scales
  • bones
  • hides
  • skin

These products can also be made from the connective tissue of animals such as:

  • chickens
  • fish
  • pigs
  • sheep
  • cows

We also offer liquid collagen that is vegan. This type of collagen contains amino acids and biotin.

Other collagen products are also derived from:

  • marine invertebrates such as sponges, jellyfish, etc.
  • rabbit or duck skin
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