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Jelly Glue

YASIN jelly glue is formulated from natural protein. It is ready to use for various applications such as rigid box-covering, bookbinding, hardcover book, gift box, carton box, photo Albums, paper crimping, laminating, and . Providing bond speed, high tack, non-warp properties, and a perfect adhesion on machine clean-running.

  • Water-based
  • Manufactured from natural ingredients
  • Derived from collagen
  • 100% biodegradable formulation
  • Environmentally sustainable natural adhesives

Your Leading Jelly Glue Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for green credentials during the manufacturing process, jelly glue is a perfect solution. YASIN manufactures jelly glues that are recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable. Thus, it can reduce environmental damage when recycling a paper-based item.

Our jelly glue is graded based on its strength. As part of our quality management system, all formulas are meticulously checked and inspected for quality. We test them for odor, color, and viscosity before shipping.

YASIN is your leading supplier for your large needs in jelly glue to skyrocket your business. We can produce them according to your preferences at a very competitive rate. Contact us for inquiries!

Jelly Glue Advantage

*Excellent adhesion performance, non-warp.

*Odorless, non-toxic, strong viscosity, good fluidity, easy to clean, strong foldability, fast drying time.

*It can solve the deformation, brittleness and foaming of paper products after processing.

*Only half the thickness of ordinary glue is required to apply the coating.

*Strong adaptability to the temperature of the production environment.

*Suitable for manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic machines!

*Various drying speeds /set time/open times are available.

Jelly Glue Advantage

YASIN Extensive Advantages

*Own gelatin factory provides raw materials directly, well control the quality and cost.

*Exclusive mature formula to make jelly glue with good performance.

*10000tons output per year! Full automatated production equipments, we can arrange fast delivery to support urgent orders.

*Strong stability, without adding any starch to increase the solid content data.

*Technical support if any query during the production.

* Very strict quality control before shipment. To make sure good stable quaity for clients.

*Risk free guaranteed! If any quality issue, refund or cargo exchanges!

Yasin Jelly Glue Different Types for Options

(1)Slow drying speed, manual type. For manual production or semi automatic machines.

(2)Medium drying speed for rigid box and hardbook covers. Semi automatic machines

(3)Fast drying speed for rigid box and hardbook covers. Fully automatic machines

(4)High speed drying speed, full automatic high speed leather case machine, about 40-80pcs of hardcovers per minute.

Dear customers, in order to make fast recommendation of glue for you, please send us some necessary information with your inquiry to us:

  • Workshop’s temperature and humidty
  • Your machine’s information and
  • The drying speed you require

Contact Ms. Selina  RIGHT NOW! Get the most competitive quotation.

Whatsapp online chat: 0086-18659299854

Email: info@sinstargroup.com

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