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Halal Gelatin

Halal Gelatin is obtained by boiling the skin, tendons, and ligaments of animals. After the process known as hydrolysis, it contains protein, collagen (a primary component of joints and cartilage), and various amino acids, which is widely used for food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and many other industries.

YASIN Halal Gelatin

Halal gelatin is produced in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. Meaning, it is free from any animal products that are not considered halal, such as pork. As a gelatin manufacturer in China, we understand the importance of offering halal gelatin to our customers who require it for their products.

YASIN halal gelatin is a good choice for those looking for safe, high-quality, and reliable gelatin. The product is halal-certified and produced in a controlled environment in order to ensure the highest quality product. It’s pure extraction. Free from any preservatives, artificial colors, & flavors, making it a safe and healthy choice for consumption.

Whether you’re a food and beverages industry, supplier, or distributor, you came to the right gelatin manufacturer. We have 30+ years of manufacturing experience you can trust! If you are interested, please message us!

Halal Gelatin for Food Applications

YASIN produce halal gelatin suitable for a wide range of food applications.

Confectionery products. Halal gelatin is commonly used in the production of gummy candies, marshmallows, and other sweets. It gives these products their characteristic chewy texture & helps them hold their shape.

Desserts such as jellies and puddings. Gelatin can set & gives them a smooth and creamy texture. Halal gelatin is a key ingredient in many traditional desserts, such as Turkish delights and Arabic sweets.

In the dairy industry, halal gelatin is used as a stabilizer & thickener in products such as yogurt, cream cheese, and sour cream. Gelatin gives the products a smooth & consistent texture and improves their shelf life.

Production of meat products such as sausages and deli meats. It helps to improve the texture of these products & increases their water-holding capacity, which can improve their juiciness.

Halal Gelatin for Food Applications
Pharmaceutical Industry Halal Certified Gelatin

Halal Gelatin For Pharmaceutical Industry

Halal gelatin also has a variety of pharmaceutical applications. Gelatin capsules are a popular way to deliver medications orally. It is a safe & effective material for this purpose.

We produce high-quality halal gelatin that meets the strict standards required for pharmaceutical applications

HALAL Gelatin Benefits

YASIN halal gelatin is made from high-quality ingredient that provides functional properties to food products. It is a natural gelling agent that helps to give products their texture and structure. Halal gelatin also offers nutritional benefits. It is a rich source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids that the body needs. Low in calories & fat, making it a healthier alternative to other thickeners & stabilizers.

Our halal gelatin is also easy to work with & has a long shelf life. Thus, makes it a cost-effective ingredient for food manufacturers. It is stable at a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, & can be stored for long periods without losing its functional properties.

HALAL Gelatin Benefits
How halal gelatin is produced?

Halal gelatin is produced by using an animal source that follows Islamic dietary laws. This means that the gelatin must come from an animal that is considered “halal” or permissible under Islamic law.

The most common halal animal sources used for gelatin production are cows, goats, sheep, and fish. We use a specific process to extract the gelatin from the animal’s bones & skin, which does not involve any alcohol or other haram (forbidden) substances.

The animal must be slaughtered according to Islamic ritual, with a sharp knife to the throat and a prayer spoken in the animal’s ear. The animal must also be healthy, with no diseases or deformities, and must not have been fed anything forbidden by Muslim law.

After slaughter, the animal’s skin is removed. The bones and connective tissues are boiled in water. The resulting gelatin is then purified and tested for purity before it is used in food products.

How do you ensure the quality for your products?
  1. We carefully select the raw materials used to produce halal gelatin. We only use raw materials from halal animals such as chicken, beef, etc. It is also derived from plant sources such as seaweed, fruits, and more.
  2. Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment & processes to extract & refine the gelatin. Our automatic machines are regularly maintained & calibrated to guarantee optimal level functions.
  3. Then, we perform extensive testing such as microbiological & chemical analysis on every batch of gelatin. These processes will ensure a free from harmful substances gelatin & meet the necessary quality parameters.
  4. Finally, we have a dedicated quality control team. They perform a final inspection of the halal gelatin before it is packaged & shipped to our customers.

What We Can Supply

1. Customize the Particle Size of Halal Gelatin

We can supply 8-15mesh, 20mesh, 30mesh and 40mesh.

2. Bloom Available from 150bloom –300bloom

3. Bovine Gelatin& Fish Gelatin

1. when is your normal delivery time?

Within 20days for doing CCIQ inspection.

2. What is your normal package?

25kgs/bag, poly bag inside and kraft/woven bag outside.

3. What is your loading ability?

With pallet, 12mts/20ft; 24mts/40ft;

4. What does Gelatin consist of?

Approximately 86% protein, 12% moisture & 2% ash (minerals).

5. How is Viscosity Measured for Gelatin?

Viscosity is measured as the resistance of a gelatin solution 6.67% to flow at 60ºC (140ºF). The flow time of this solution is measured by passing it through a standardized pipette.

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