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YASIN Gelatin Sheet

The gelatin sheet also known as leaf gelatin is made from gelatin that drive from animal’s skin or bones. It is more likely clearer and easy to handle compared to gelatin powder. Due to its thin structure, the sheet easily dissolves with water. Gelatin sheet are widely use in may applications like Jelly, pudding, and mousse cake etc.

  • Grade-A gelatin
  • Over 85% proteins contain
  • Over 90% water locking
  • Easy to use and storage
  • Halal and Kosher certificated

Your Leading Gelatin Sheet Manufacturer in China

As the first gelatin sheet manufacturer in China, we are committed to providing excellent gelatin products that exceed customer expectations. With rich experience, advanced technology, and dedication to quality, we have become the first choice for enterprises looking for a reliable gelatin supplier. Contact us today to find out how our gelatin sheets and leaves can enhance your products and formulations.


  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Advanced and mature technology in leaf gelatin production to secure high quality.
  • Factory located in clear and natural Tibetan plateau
  • 2 GMP factories and 4 production lines
  • 500+ tons annual production output
ItemsYasin Gelatin LeafOther brand gelatin leafInfluence for end product
Jelly strengthhigher than standardMeet or little lower than standardShape of the end product
Water retention ability≥90%50% -85%Degree of melting after freezing
TasteWith the unique taste and smell of this product, no odorWith the unique taste and smell of this product, some is bitterTaste of end product
Unit weight±0.1g of standard±0.5g of standardShape and viscosity of end product
1.Gelatin sheets Vs gelatin powder, which one is better?

Most of the time, professional cooks prefer to use gelatin leaf than powder. It is because gelatin leaves are clear and have a pure flavor. And gelatin sheet have certain weight each sheet that don’t need to measure amount like gelatin powder.

2.What is the MOQ:


3. Can gelatin sheets be reused?

Yasin gelatin sheet can be reused. You can dissolve the gelatin sheet in water and store it in the refrigerator. Take out the amount you need when using.

4.Will the gelatin sheet expire?

Yes, gelatin sheets have a shelf life of about 2 years. Check the expiration date on the package and use them before that date for best results. Expired gelatin sheets may not be set properly or be less effective.

5.How much amount should I use leaf gelatin?

Soft dessert (jelly, pudding, etc.): 12g/1000ml;

Standard class dessert (Mousse class) : 15g/1000ml;

Hard dessert (large or multi-layer mousse cake): 18g/1000ml.

6.Some important notes:

(1)Avoid excessive heating of the gelatine solution, typically between 40° C and 60° C, or will result in a decrease in freezing force.

(2)When waiting with a liquid or sticky product, keep track of the time; too much time will cause it to re-solidify, lowering the quality of the end product.

(3)In the preparation of fresh sour fruit (lemon, kiwi, etc.), first heat the fruit gently for a short time before cooling.

Proper Way of Using Gelatin Leaf

  • Soak in cold water for about 10 minutes.
  • Lift it once soft.
  • Gently wring to remove the water.
  • Heat the mixture.
  • Stir the mixture until dissolved.

Proper Way of Using Gelatin Leaf

Typical Specifications and Packing

SpecificationSheet Dimension


Thickness (mm)Packing Detail 


5g/sheet(190 ~200)*750.23200pcs/bag, 20bags/carton1kg/bag,


3.3g/sheet190*700.20300pcs/bag, 20bags/carton1kg/bag,


2.5g/sheet(180~190)* 650.18400pcs/bag, 20bags/carton1kg/bag,


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