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Gelatin Powder

Gelatin powder comes from the collagen of animal parts. When it’s wet, it becomes soft and rubbery. When dry, it is frail and crisp. Gelatin powder is odorless and perfect for creating condensed food. Yasin supplies different types of gelatin powder:

  • Bovine gelatin powder
  • Bovine bone gelatin powder
  • Fish gelatin

Gelatin Powder Supplier in China

Gelatin powder are widely use for food industry whose mesh size normally require 20-40mesh to avhieve quick dissolved. Some customers even buy bulk package then re-pack in a small package as “gelatin” for bakery products; Yasin can supply gelatin powder by crusing mesh size from 8 to 20-40mesh.

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Yasin Gelatin Powder Applications and Uses

We are supplying gelatin powder for a wide variety of use. Yasin provides gelatin powder for different industries, food companies, and retailers. Our gelatin powder is ideal for:

  • Gummies and desserts
  • Cream and jelly fillings
  • Specialty desserts
  • Marshmallows and biscuits
  • Meat and beverage industries
  • Jelly cakes and chiffon filling
  • Candy making and confections
  • Jiggle cakes and mousse
ApplicationFunctionBloom Range
HamsMeat Binding200-250
Canned MeatGelling Agent150-280
Corned BeefMeat Binding250-280
DessertGelling Agent180-260
Aerated DessertsStabilisation180-240
Puddings & CreamThickening200-240
Soft & Melted CheeseGelling Agent200-240
Ice CreamTexture180-240
Wine & Juice FiningClarification80-120
YogurtPrevent Syneresis200-250
Gummy CandyElasticity180-260
CoatingFilm Forming120-150


Is it safe for children?

Yes! Yasin gelatin powder has zero contaminants and is tasteless. We ensure that our gelatin powder has zero chemicals.

How To Work With Gelatin

  1. Avoid adding gelatin powder directly to boiling liquid.
  2. For dissolving, cold water must be used.
  3. Use and specific amount of sugar to avoid ruining its texture.
  4. It never expires. Only use the right amount of gelatin powder in each recipe.

Advantages of Gelatin Powder

  • Low bacterial count: ≤100cfu/g (international standard: ≤10000cfu/g)
  • Low chromium content: ≤ 1ppm (international standard: ≤10ppm)
  • Low ash content: ≤1% (international standard: ≤2%)
  • High transparency: ≥500mm
  • Customized viscosity: between 2.7-4.5mpa.s
  • Customized particle size: 8-40 mesh
  • Stable inner quality for finished edible gelatin powder product (one batch for one shipment, doesn’t mixed with different batches)
  • Sufficient and stable supply to guarantee leading time
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