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Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules are a popular alternative for encapsulating supplements, medications, and other substances. These capsules are made from gelatin, a protein that is derived from animal collagen.

  • 100% pharmaceutical grade gelatin material
  • Smooth texture
  • Less likely to cause irritation
  • Simple to swallow
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • Neutral taste
  • FDA-approved
  • GMP standard production line

Professional Gelatin Capsules Manufacturer in China

Gelatin capsule is also known as a gelcap or a gelatin shell. It is a type of capsule used to enclose medication or dietary supplements.

At Yasin, we offer capsules available in various sizes and colors. Because of this, they preferred in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food industries. They are chosen over other types of capsules due to their ease of swallowing, durability, and customized printing options.

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How Gelatin Capsules Produced?

The gelatin capsule is formed by dipping two metal molds into a liquid gelatin solution. Once the molds are removed from the solution, they are allowed to dry and harden, forming a hollow capsule shell. The two halves of the capsule are then filled with the desired substance, such as powders, granules, or liquid. Then they are joined together to form a complete capsule.

Gelatin Capsules

Production Flow Chart


Cap length(mm)11.8±0.310.8±0.39.8±0.39.0±0.38.1±0.37.2±0.3
Body length(mm)20.8±0.318.4+16.5+15.4+13.5+12.2+
Well-knit length(mm)23.5±0.521.2±0.519.0±0.517.6±0.515.5±0.514.1±0.5
Cap diameter(mm)8.25±0.057.40±0.056.65±0.056.15±0.055.60±0.055.10±0.05
Body diameter(mm)7.90±0.057.10±0.056.40±0.055.90±0.055.40±0.054.90±0.05
Inner volume(ml)0.950.680.500.370.300.21
Average weight(mg)125±1297±978±762±649±539±4


SizePackage/CartonLoading Ability
00#70000pcs147 Cartons/20’GP350 Cartons/40’GP
4#300000 pcs
Packing & CBM: 74*40*60cm
Packing: Polyethylene bag inside, corrugated box outside
Are gelatin capsules customizable in terms of size, color, and printing?

Yes. We offer a range of standard sizes and colors, as well as the ability to customize capsules to meet your specific needs.

What is the typical lead time for manufacturing gelatin capsules?

The lead time for manufacturing gelatin capsules is 15-20days.

Do you provide free samples for testing?

Yes, we aim to ensure that they meet your specific requirements before placing bulk orders.

Are your gelatin capsules suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

No, our gelatin capsules are made from animal collagen and are not suitable for vegetarians. But we have HPMC capsules for Vegans.

What type of things can capsules contain?

Yasin capsule can load all kinds of powder and granule drugs, herbs, vitamins,food supplements etc.

Will the gelatin capsules can hold liquid?

Unfortunately, we dont suggest to hold liquid products.

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