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Empty Capsules

The empty capsules are the typical empty small container used for storing medicines, herbs, and powders. The pharmaceutical industry mainly utilizes them for their therapeutic drug production. Moreover, they possess the following features.

  • Simple to swallow
  • Cover up bad smells
  • Protect the unstable medicine and herbs
  • High dissolution speed
  • Enhancing the bioavailability of drugs
  • Perfect for sustained release medicament and compound medicament
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO

YASIN - Your Trusted Empty Capsule Provider

YASIN mainly manufacture the gelatin and vegetarian empty capsules. You can custom empty capsules of different measurements and colors. We made them in various sizes, ranging from 00# for the largest to 4# for the smallest. Different measurements suit a specific content application, whether powdered or liquid. You can tell us your details, and we can recommend the ideal tablet sizes you’ll need.

Moreover, our team ensures safe and hygienic empty capsule production. With stable heat, cross-linking impairs in formulating your contents are prevented. And our experts considered these capsules a machine-friendly material, especially during production processes.

Feel free to contact us today!

Customization Options

There are a series of empty capsules available for customization. The provided values are listed below.

  • Imprinting. Even in ranges of sizes, the empty capsule can be custom-printed. They can have the demand for logo brands, dosage, and name prints. 
  • Colors. Pantone colors are available for empty capsules, especially in HPMC and gelatin-based. Additionally, its range of colors includes metallic options too.
  • Dimensions. We provide a broad range of empty capsule sizes.  There is a standard measure and length for entire selections.
Customization Options
Yasin empty capsules features

Yasin Empty Capsules Features

  1. Tapered rim of the bodycan easily engages with the cap
  2. A dual snap-ring locking system allow complete seal without leakage
  3. Aerodynamic ventsallow air to discharge during filling
  4. Round hemispherical ends are stronger and not easy to deform
  5. Unique pre-locking ring protect the body and cap from separating during transportation
  6. All capsules are suitable for various types of filling machines
MaterialPharmaceutical gelatin/HPMC
ColorClear/Opaque/ Custom Colors
Size#00 to #4
End TypeRound
Disintegration Time< 15 Mins.
Heavy Metals< 20 ppm
Aerobic bacteria count≤1000cfu/g
Storage Conditions10-25°C, 35-65% RH

Empty Capsule Variations

There are numerous types of empty capsules available. Here are the following of them. 

Gelatin Capsules

A gelatin capsule is translucent, flavorless, and extracted from animal protein. These capsules are accessible for various applications, such as pharmaceutical uses.

HPMC Capsules

These capsules have a 100% plant-based content, making them suitable for vegetarian consumers. Moreover, it does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

Starch Capsules

Starch capsules are a modern variation. And they are manufactured using starch as their source of production. Because of this, the capsules are as being suitable for vegetarians.

Halal Capsules

Halal capsules are from the gelatin that meet with Halal standard. It accomplishes a precise guideline following high standards. Through this, showing value for individual preferences remain respected.

Pearl Capsules

Pearl capsules have a rich metallic finish for the versatility of applications. It’s accessible in various colors. Moreover, they are accessible to materials for both HPMC and gelatin.

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