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Collagen 3

Collagen type III is great for strengthening connective tissues, muscles, and bones. It provides great coverage for organs and giving helps blood clotting. Collagen type III is produced in capsules, gel, tablets, and more.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Removes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Improves skin elasticity

Collagen Type III Supplier in China

Yasin supplies the best-quality collagen type III for different uses. It is capable of repairing body tissues and creating a new and stronger framework. Growing new tissues are much easier with collagen type III.

We offer you collagen type III with great advantages for your business. It has a different useful formulation that is needed to provide effects when used. Our collagen type III is available in different sizes and packaging.

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Yasin Collagen Type III Uses

Yasin operates differently processed to produce collagen type III from animal. Our collagen type III is very useful for:

Periodontics: collagen type III prevents wounds caused by fast-growing teeth. It creates a barrier to gum tissues.

Prosthetics: Using collagen type III creates vessel prostheses and enhances the growth of peripheral nerves.

Dressing of wounds: collagen type III helps heal the wounds.

Increase skin elasticity:  Replenish collagen macromolecules that your skin needs to make skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.

Yasin Collagen Type III Uses

Our Collagen Type III Applications

Skin health: using our collagen type III helps maintain skin health and firmness. It is also used for making skincare products like anti-aging medicines.

Wound: collagen type III repairs and enhanced the growth of tissues.

Cardio health: it helps maintain the strength of blood vessels. Collagen type III is used to create food supplements for cardiovascular health.

Tendon and joint treatment: our collagen type III enhances the durability of ligaments and cartilage. It reduces joint pains and functions.

Repair of muscles: collagen type III can regenerate muscle.

Collagen Type III Sources


Endomysium muscle is one of the sources of collagen type III. It is a tissue that edges muscle fibers.


The dermis layer of the skin is the source of collagen type III.

Blood vessel

Blood vessel walls give strength and elasticity. Collagen type III is also found in these vessels.


Collagen type III maintains the structure of the tissue inside the intestines.


A muscle layer of the uterus called myometrium is composed of collagen type 3 that provides support.

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