Collagen Type 1

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Collagen Type 1

Collagen type 1 is a purified protein that is made as procollagen by cells. It is composed of pro-alpha2 type I procollagen and 2 pro-alpha1 types I protein strands. And it forms a rope-like structure that has 3 strands. This collagen is a fibrillar type of collagen. Generally, type I collagen make from animal skins, such as cows, fish, and pigs.

Yasin manufactures high-quality collagen type 1 products that are widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medicine, and other fields. We have been supplying them to America, Asia, Africa, and other regions around the world. Mutual success is one of our goals. For that reason, we anticipate the chance to work together with businesses worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Raw material

All our type 1 collagen products is made from fresh animal skin that comes and feeds in natural and pollution-free environment

Full Certification

Our type 1 collagen products have been certified by the ISO, HALAL, HACCP, Kosher, and other international standards.

Quality Control

To make sure we provide type 1 collagen with utmost purity and quality, we have quality control throughout the whole production process. Every batch of collagen products has been tested and inspected before shipment.

Collagen Type 1

Variety of Functions

Type 1 collagen has a lot of function including:

Maintains Youthness

Most of the anti-aging products available contain type 1 or hydrolyzed collagen. This collagen is added since it can lessen the visibility of brittle nails, poor hair quality, fine lines, and other cosmetic problems. It can also maintain the firmness, hydration, and elasticity of your skin.

Recuperation & Recovery

People with illnesses will produce less natural collagen and will lack vitamin C. Therefore, taking type 1 collagen can be beneficial for those recovering from illness and the elderly.

Improves Bone’s Tensile Strength

Type 1 collagen is beneficial to the elderly since they are more likely to fracture their bones and fall. It can enhance the bone’s load-bearing capacity or tensile strength.

Variety of Sources

Collagen type 1 can be made from a variety of sources such as:


Porcine’s skin can be used for extracting type 1 collagen. This source is pretty much identical to human collagen.


Type 1 collagen extracted from bovine skin. This source is among the primary collagen sources for nutrition and medicine. Compared to other sources, has the benefit of being more affordable.

Fish or Marine

Type 1 collagen products can be made from:

  • freshwater fish
  • ocean fish
  • farm-raised fish

This source occurred to be the most chosen source since it is:

  • culturally well-accepted
  • has minimal risk of transmission of disease
  • religiously appropriate
  • In comparison to other sources, this is the safest.
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