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Collagen Powder

YASIN offers Collagen powder manufactured from hydrolyzed collagen, a protein derived from animal sources such as bone, skin, and connective tissue. It helps in maintaining physical health, improving immunity, healthy skin, stronger hair, and nails, etc.

  • Dairy and gluten-free
  • Zero GMO, additives, and colorant
  • Third-party tested
  • Sustainable
  • GMP, ISO, HALAL FSSC certified

YASIN- Your Leading Collagen Powder Provider

Yasin committed to the production and development of collagen powder for more than 15 years and now we are running the top 5 manufacturers and exporters. As a professional collagen powder supplier, we can help you to get below benefits:

– High-quality products: Yasin collagen powder produce from fresh raw material and didn’t add any artificial color, flavors, and preservatives

– East to use: 100% dissolved in water with good transparency that allows it to add to any solid and liquid health products and dietary supplements

-Various types to select: Yasin can offer you all kinds of collagen powder from different sources including bovine, fish, pig, chicken, pea, corn, rice and soybean, etc.

-Sufficient capacity: Yasin owns 3 collagen powders production lines and annual production capacity reaches over 9000 tons.

-R & D team: A powerful alliance of technical engineers and university academic staff to keep developing new collagen powder products.

Advantages Of Using Collagen Powder

The collagen powder offers some advantages such as;

  • Skin elasticity
  • Hair and nail strength
  • Decreasing bone density for post- menopausal women
  • Reduce joint pain and improve joints movements
  • Best for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Boost immune system
  • Repair connected tissues
  • Faster metabolism
Collagen Powder
Packing ploy bag inner +

Kraft bag outer

Loading abilityWith pallet8 tons /20’GP, 16 tons /40′ GP
Without pallet10 tons /20’GP, 20 tons /40′ GP
What is the MOQ of collagen powder?

Regular MOQ is 500kgs.

How about the lead time of the order?

It depends on the order quantity, generally about 10-15 days after receiving the deposit.

How can I store the collagen powder?

Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid sunlight, moisture, and heat can degrade the collagen powder’s effectiveness. The perfect temperature is 15-25℃.

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