• Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules
  • Skin Collagen granules

Collagen for Skin

Collagen is the main component of human skin. Accounts for 80% of human skin. Medical research shows that hydroxyproline in collagen is a key substance in the formation of human skin.  With the help of collagen supplements, you can achieve a younger-looking appearance.

  • 100% Pure Halal
  • 100% GMO-FREE
  • Pure Collagen, NOTHING ADDED
  • Micro molecule <1000 Dal, easy be absorbed

Yasin Collagen for Skin

Collagen is the primary building block of human skin. That’s why when we say collagen supplements, its main function is to maintain the collagen (protein) in our skin and help to achieve youthful skin. To help on achieving this younger-looking skin, Yasin manufactures & supplies various collagen supplements in different forms.

We can offer various skin-collagen supplements according to your specific details. For more inquiries kindly reach us through our email at info@asiagelatin.com or contact us at +86-18659260735.

Extensive Skin-Collagen Benefits

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin contour improvements
  • Tighten skin
  • Improving scars appearance
  • Enlarge tissues
  • Others
Extensive Skin-Collagen Benefits


Approximately 80% of our skin is made of collagen. It’s what gives our skin strength and is essential for preserving suppleness, along with elastin (another protein). Collagen, which is mostly found in the skin dermis, offers several advantages for our skin, helping to keep it firm, supple, and plump. Additionally, it is crucial for our skin’s natural renewal process, which involves shedding old skin cells and generating new ones.

Collagen Products for Skin

There are different collagen forms such as:

  • Collagen Capsule
  • Collagen Powder
  • Collagen Cream
  • Collagen Oil
  • Collagen Gel
  • Collagen drink

Collagen Loss Factors

  • Hormonal changes


-health conditions



  • Oxidative stress


-imbalance diet

  • Aging’s natural process
  • Sun exposure
  • Lack of vitamin C
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