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Clean Collagen

Clean collagen is the best solution for repairing and maintaining the natural growth of human collagen. It gives fine hair, skin, joints, and more. Yasin provides 100% concentrated clean collagen without any artificial ingredients.

  • From 100% grass-fed bovine skin
  • No added dairy and GMOs
  • No preservatives, flavors and additives, and no hormones or antibiotics.
  • Enhances gut health

Your Trusted Clean Collagen Supplier In China

Yasin supplies healthy and safe-to-use clean collagen for more than 20 years. From collecting materials to producing clean collagen, we make sure that it is the cleanest and chemical-free. Customers choose Yasin as clean collagen supplier for the following reasons:

  1. Over 60,000m2Factory area
  2. With 3 productions lines that can guarantee 9000+ tons output every year
  3. Owning R & D team and work with the talents from famous universities to develop the advanced technology.
  4. Customized the clean collagen products as clients specific requirements.
  5. Competitive price secure by utilizing modern technology to improve the sinking performance of powder form collagen.

Our clean collagen is lab-verified to ensure that it is not contaminated with harmful substances. It is rich in nutrients and protein. Message us for more details!

Why Choose Yasin Clean Collagen

Premium-quality: Yasin supplies clean collagen with the finest grade and nutritional value. It is FDA-approved and helps strengthen body muscle parts. Our clean collagen ranks as the highest value in the market. Its quality is tested by consumers internationally.

  • Good solubility can totally dissolve in water
  • Good transparent not effect the the color and transparency of the finished product
  • Unflavored and odorless
  • Halal, Kosher and TSE certificated
clean collagen

Advantages Of Choosing Our Clean Collagen

Diminish skin aging: our clean collagen removes skin lines and wrinkles. It slows down skin aging and improves skin elasticity. Clean collagen nourishes and hydrates skin growth.

Fast-healing of wounds: using clean collagen heals wounds easily. It also helps the regeneration of muscle tissues.

Avoids hair loss: it reduces hair fall and minimizes hair thinning. Clean collagen is effective for both men and women.

Strengthens bones: when aging, human bones became weak and degrade. Our clean collagen helps strengthens bones and enhances bone durability.

Gut health: clean collagen restores intestine walls that prevent inflammation and bloating.

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