• Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen
  • Cartilage Collagen

Cartilage Collagen

Yasin offers cartilage collagen that provides a cushioning effect. It helps to absorb shock and distribute weight evenly. Essential nutrient supports the health and function of many different tissues in the body.

  • 100% pure powder
  • Neutral odor and flavor
  • BSE-free and USDA-approved
  • Zero added sugar

Cartilage Collagen Manufacturer in China - Yasin

Yasin focuses on cartilage collagen manufacturing for over 20 years. We provide quality cartilage collagen that maintain connective tissues in the body like bones. Elasticity and moisture of the skin are other necessary things.

Yasin offers cartilage collagen supplements that support joint health and reduces joint pain and stiffness. It is good for hair, skin, teeth, and nail health. Provide important benefits for the function of joints. These supplements are dairy-free, gluten-free, Keto friendly, and paleo-friendly.

Moreover, we can also provide bespoke cartilage collagen for your application. We have the capacity to develop any cartilage collagen formula. Yes, we can assist you in developing a new product for your target market. Contact us now.

Application of Cartilage Collagen

Yasin cartilage collagen has a wide range of potential applications in the health and wellness field. It is made to make the following forms.

Can be Tablet

Can be Capsules

Can be a Soft Gel Dosage

Can be Creams

Can be Syrups

Can be Oral Liquid and other functional food.

Cartilage Collagen

Benefits in the Human Body

Supports joint health: It protects the joints from impact and friction. Then, helps reduce joint pain and stiffness, and improves mobility.

Promotes skin health: It helps to maintain its elasticity, strength, and hydration. This, help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging.

Boosts muscle mass: Cartilage collagen help improves muscle mass, strength, and recovery after exercise.

Other benefits include improved joints, bones, liver, cardiovascular health, aids digestion, and so on.

Main Ingredients of Cartilage Collagen

Major components:

Type II collagen


Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)

Minor components:

Elastin fibers

The composition of cartilage collagen may vary slightly depending on the specific type of cartilage and its location in the body.

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