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Beef Protein

Beef protein mostly contains 9 essential amino acids. It helps maintain strength, gain muscles, and growth of our body. These are perfect for those who love doing exercise, going to the gym, love sports events, and more.

  • FDA Certified
  • Reach more than 89% of protein
  • Perfect for diet
  • Highly nutritious

YASIN - Your Beef Protein Manufacturer in China

Yasin beef protein are can deliver power in building muscles and high amino acids that others cannot other source proteins include soy, egg, milk, etc. We produce this for being sugar-free, fat-free, and no cholesterol for better results. We assure you that beef protein is one of the most delicious among the others.

We clinically study and research to make sure that this protein is safe for everyone. Through the help of the QC team, you can rest assured that every beef protein made passed quality inspection before it goes to you. Yasin is only the company that serves a high-quality yet affordable protein in China.

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Why Choose Beef Protein from Yasin

Our Beef protein offers the following advantages such as:

  • Nut free
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Suitable for diabetes
  • Wheat free
  • Lactose-free
  • Non artificial
  • Kosher
  • Keto friendly
  • Halal
  • GM free
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten-free and more.
Beef Protein

Nutrition Facts About Beef

Beef contains a lot of protein but not just that it also provides other different nutrition that needs of our body such as:

  • This contains more than 217 calories
  • The water in the beef is almost 61%
  • Protein: Its protein content is all about 26.1g
  • It has zero sugars, fibers, and carbs.
  • Fats: It contains 11.8 grams of fats

Advantages of Beef Protein

We manufactured beef protein in order to give you excellent advantages and results when you use it every day. Below are some of them:

  • Can reduce the risk of any chronic diseases
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Help support strong  and lean bodies
  • Replenishing and building muscles
  • Help to prevent overheating
  • Maintain the proper body weight and more.

Vitamins and Minerals That our Beef Protein Contains

  • Vitamins B12. Mostly all meat contains vitamin B12 including beef. It is highly important for the brain, blood formation, and nervous system.
  • Beef also high in iron.
  • Zinc is very important in our bodies. It is also found in beef for maintenance and body growth.
  • These are elements that use for the functions of our body.
  • Vitamin B6. It is very important for energy metabolism.

Aside from that, it also contains phosphorus, Niacin, and more.

Purifications Process

There are common steps of the purification process in order to give you 100% pure beef protein. Below is the step process:

  • Particle Reduction Cycle. This is the extraction of protein from beef. It is the obtaining of all protein and amino acids in a beef then leaving all cholesterol and fats.
  • Thermal hydrolysis. After that,  the go into thermal hydrolysis to produce pre-digested proteins.
  • Cold filtration process. It is the process of removing anything in a beef except the proteins.
  • Low-temperature evaporations. These the process of removing all excess moisture and making it an instant powder.
  • Spray dying. This process is to improve the digestibility of beef protein powder.
  • Test process. It is the final process where it goes for the ant testing process and needs to be approved by USDA to make sure that you can get high quality and purity of the beef protein.
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