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  • Beauty Collagen
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  • Beauty Collagen

Beauty Collagen

Collagen Beauty is a collagen supplement formulated with Bovine collage or Fish collagne,  to support structural integrity of skin and decrease skin aging factors, supporting skin quality of the entire body and smoothing skin wrinkles from within.

  • Halal
  • ISO9001
  • ISO22000

Yasin Your Leading Beauty Collagen Supplier

Beauty collagen is the latest and most highly effective collagen for the human body. It is made from 100% natural which makes them safe to consume. This is guaranteed to be effective because it passed different international certifications such as halal, HACCP, ISO and more.

We produce this collagen to meet your desired need, especially if you wanted to enhance your beauty. These are clinically tested and proven supplements for skin health.

At Yasin, we can produce all types of beauty collagen from different materials and ingredients.  All of this is perfectly made with the help of our QC team to ensure the quality before it can be delivered to you.

Try our range of Beauty Collagen supplements for a youthful appearance.

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Common Ingredients to Make Beauty Collagen

Yasin is the Solution Provider to support you in beauty collagen project

  • Yasin supply pure bovine collagen or fish collagen, you can customized your receipt directly.
  •  Yasin also offer OEM service, so you can send your receipt to customized beauty collagen with your brand.
Beauty Collagen

Why use Beauty Collagen

The main application of collagen is to give us a healthy body. The main purpose of this is the following:

  • Improved joint health
  • To avoid bone loss
  • Support heart health
  • Younger bouncy skin
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Avoid wrinkles
  • To give pinkish skin
  • To give a shiny and glowing skin
  • Help to boost the immune system
  • To improve hair, muscles, nails, gut health, and more.
  • Design to reduce sun damage and also age spots

How to Use

Beauty collagen is very easy to use, it is unflavoured, odourless and dissolves in hot and cold liquid. Add into your daily beauty plan, you can also mix beauty collagen in your daily smoothie, juice or breakfast.

Shelf life:

2 years

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